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12/30/05 05:59 pm - vellocetdrunk - candybar website help

okay, so i went to http://www.candybar.co.kr/ and i dont have korean text installed on my comp. but i clicked the "go to english" button at the top left corner and everything was translated. but then i go to register, it goes back to the question marks (since i dont have the text installed). what do i do? i really want to register. is there another english version of the site? ive been to 2 others, but theyre more like fan sites.
(the doll palace, and another that starts with an E...i forgot it) can anyone help?

12/17/05 08:13 pm - _in_the_clouds_

Hello! I'm new and I really love CandyBar. It's so addicting... and I just wanted to share some of my faves I've made, so please comment and give me advice. You're WELCOME to take, but please comment, I want to know who likes my stuff. ^_^ YAY. :D

I dont know if theres a limit... if there is and ive gone over it, im sorry. =X

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5/12/05 08:29 pm - jessjess999 - Come join

5/7/05 05:07 pm - pixeldolls

Sabrina's Candydolls
The most simple and complete candydoll maker

12/24/04 01:13 am - amazonelf78 - colour adjustments

how do you adjust the colour for the dolls to make different skintones? i have Pixia (free download for editing images) but i havem't figured out how to adjust colour and light on some things but not others

12/21/04 06:47 pm - kuragarigenso - CandyBar Doll RP community

I just finished putting everything up for the RP community for CandyBar Dolls.
Please Join

x-posted in all candybar doll communities

10/7/04 07:21 pm - shada_aka_apm

Here's some'a my dolls. They're...mediocre, but I share.

9/28/04 08:43 am - shada_aka_apm - The beginning

This community is finally done being edited.

It's open, woot!
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